Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fairytale World

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Julia. She lived in the castle with her parents. She was very beautiful, nice, friendly, and kind. One day, Julia was walking around the garden when suddenly she found a place she had never been. There, she saw a lustrous portal. Julia entered the portal, and she was surprised that she arrived in the Fairytale World. 

She met fairytale characters such as Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Jack, and others. Julia played in this wonderful world until the clock strike twelve. Hansel and Gretel brought Julia to her own castle. They told Julia that she must not open the 13th door in the underground. When she asked why, Hansel and Gretel didn’t tell her the reason.

Julia has lived in the Fairytale World for month. She still curious about the 13thdoor. ‘What was inside that room?’ She asked herself. Without concern Hansel and Gretel’s speech, she opened the door. She doesn’t know that she had broken the magic seal. Suddenly a very ugly and spooky old witch appeared. “I’m free!” the witch shouted. The witch swung her magic wand. The Fairytale World has changed to Shadow Land. Everything became dark and scary. “Oh no, what have I done?” Julia cried.
The witch covered Julia in the tower. Julia couldn’t do anything but cry. On the next day, she saw Josh the knight rode his dragon outside the tower. Julia started singing. Josh heard her sang and he liked Julia’s voice. He searched for the girl who sang that beautiful song. Finally he found Julia and saved her from the witch’s dominion. 

Josh pierced his black sword to the witch but the witch emitted green smoke from her magic wand before Josh’s sword touched her. The green smoke made Josh fell. Now Julia has to against the witch alone. ‘Somebody please help me!’ She thought in despair. Julia cornered. The witch came closer. What would Julia do?

Her feet touched something with water inside it. It was a bucket. Julia poured water over the witch’s body. The witch screamed and she melted, and melted, and melted, until left over just her purple hat.

Josh woke up, Fairytale World had back, the witch has gone forever, and everything’s going to be alright. But Julia missed her parents and she must go back to her castle in the real world. She say goodbye to all Fairytale World inhabitant, and Josh too. When Julia’s passed over the portal, Josh said “I love you, Julia!”. Julia shouted back but she’s already in her room, so Josh couldn’t hear. She’s cried. 

Julia ran through the garden. She searched for the strange place. When she found it, she met somebody with a black sword. “Josh!” she was very happy and hugged Josh. “Julia! I followed you enter the portal. I never want to live far away from you.” said Josh.

So, they were married and they lived happily ever after.

The End


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