Sunday, 12 February 2012

The vandalism should be stopped! ☺

Vandalism is a willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property. The vandals destroy the public facilities and making others not comfortable. It gives a bad impact to our environment and we think vandalism is bad because it‘s disturbing and damaging. That’s why vandalism must be stopped based on these reasons.

The low of young generation awareness of the vandalism negative impact to the environment. Young generations are lack of education so they don’t know vandalism is bad. Because of hobbies, the vandals keep doing vandalism again and again. They can’t stop, or they don’t know that they disturb and annoy other people.

Vandalism will not stop as long as there is still an empty space on the walls. It seems that the vandals don’t realize what they are doing, they just paint the wall with bad words and random pictures.

There are a lot of vandalism acts that can be seen in Bandung, Such as Graffiti at Dago, Taman Sari, Cilaki, and Naripan. There are also graffities on tourist attractions and monuments. It makes the view doesn't look good anymore, and makes our environment looks dirty.

Our suggestions to these issues are:
  • The elder should change the mindset of the teenager
  • Government should make night patrol near Dago, and other places.
  • The government should be banned vandalism so the vandals will not repeat that again.
  • Teachers should tell their students to avoid vandalism and tell them not to destroy other’s properties or public facilities. 

The real acts that we have been done in our society regarding to the issue were:

1. Interview
The interview was done at Car Free Day Dago on January 15th 2012.
The questions were about vandalism and the interviewee is 1 person. Her answers to the questions are:
  1. The vandals have creativity, but they’re expending their creativity at the wrong place. 
  2. Teh Anggi said she never been victim of vandalism.
  3. The government should make night patrol, because the vandals usually are in action at night.
  4. The elder must change the view/ mindset of teenager, and they should give place for expend teenager’s creativity.
2. Observation
The observation was done at 12.30 pm on January 14th 2012.
From our observation we draw a conclusion that the vandals usually paint with Pilox on the wall around Dago.


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