Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Favorite Music

I don’t have any favorite genre of music, but sometimes I like rock songs. I just like songs that have nice music and good lyrics. I love music very much. It’s like I can’t spend a day without listening to music or singing. There are so many songs I like and I can’t write them all here.

For the first person I describe here, I chose Taylor Swift. She’s a girl from Nashville that has been one of some people that ever makes me amazed. She’s the best female country singer ever. She’s also great on playing guitar. I started to being her fans (or we called it Swifties) since 5th grade. The first song I like is Love Story. I almost like all of Taylor’s songs, but here’s some that I like the most; The Story of Us, Ours, Safe & Sound, Eyes Open, Sparks Fly, Speak Now, Fearless, The Way I Loved You, Enchanted, Picture to Burn, Back to December, and many more. Mostly of her songs are love songs. Taylor often writes songs about her love life, or about the guys who gives effect on her life. And some of her songs fit with me. Its lyrics are so deep. Taylor writes most of her songs by herself. That was cool, Taylor inspiring me a lot.

Next person (or band) I’m going to describe is a band called Paramore. It’s a rock band from Franklin, Tennessee. The band’s name comes from their friend’s mother’s middle name, and its homophone ‘paramour’ means ‘secret lover’. I know this band from my elementary school friend and I started to like it since the first time I heard their song titled Playing God and it’s when I was on the 6th grade, if I am not wrong. At this time, Paramore was has 5 members, they are Hayley Williams as vocalist, Josh Farro as lead guitar and backing vocals, Jeremy Davis as bassist, Taylor York as rhythm guitar, and Zac Farro as drummer. But now Farro brothers had left the band because of some reasons. Paramore also has some past members who left the band early, but it takes so long if I write about them too. Their first single after they were just three was called Monster.
Paramore songs were very awesome. Just like Taylor Swift, I almost like all of Paramore song, but here’s some; Monster, The Only Exception, Renegade, That’s What You Get, Brick by Boring Brick, Decode, Misery Business, Adore, For a Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic, Crush Crush Crush, Brighter, Playing God, Pressure, Hallelujah, Emergency, Ignorance, and so many more.

Third band I want you to know is We Are the in Crowd (WATIC). It’s a pop-punk band from Poughkeepsie, New York. I’m new of being their fans, since January 2012. When I check my followers on twitter, I noticed their official Twitter account follows me. I downloaded their song and I like it. They have Taylor Jardine (she prefers Tay Jardine) as vocalist, Jordan Eckes as vocalist and guitarist, Mike Ferri as bassist, Cameron Hurley as guitarist, and Rob Chianelli as drummer. Their songs are awesome too, just like Paramore and songs of both bands are very close. Songs I like from WATIC are Both Sides of the Story, Easy, Rumor Mill, Never be What You Want, On Your Own, Kiss Me Again, For the Win, and others. I also like a Bruno Mars’s song, Grenade, covered by WATIC.

Fourth band I like is I See Stars. I like this band but I’m not a huge fans. It’s a band from Warren, Michigan. Their genre is post-hardcore. I think the clean-vocalist is very handsome. His name is Devin Oliver and he’s cute. Devin’s brother, Andrew Oliver, is drummer and backing vocal of ISS. Because I’m not a big fan, I don’t know much about them. But I like some songs of ISS. I like the music, but I don’t like the scream part.

So many else songs that I like, especially songs which has beautiful lyrics or great music, but I can’t write them all cause it would take years to write those in this post.

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