Thursday, 31 May 2012

Facts about me!

I have no idea what I'm posting about but I'm gonna tell you several of my facts in daily life. Okay here we go.
  • I'm too addicted to fantasy novels.
  • I can't spent a day without turning on my PC.
  • I always feel hungry.
  • When I started to imagine scary things I always trying to think about Tweety. Idk why.
  • Always sleep with blanket on just because something touches my feet is one of my fears.
  • Sometimes I move to chair in the back during the class so I can read comics or novels.
  • Sometimes I dream with celebrities and friends inside it or about novels I read and I like those dreams.
  • I wear braces on my teeth.*nerd*
  • When I have nothing to do I always love to read my old novel and I still like the stories.
  • I have 3 Facebook accounts but 2 of them were useless.
So yeah that's 10 facts about me, I hope you don't hate it and I'm just sharing, comment below if you have same habits with me:))


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