Monday, 30 July 2012

Finn & Flame Princess!

My favorite couple ever!!

Flame Princess first appear in the episode "Incendium", where Jake searches for another princess for Finn after he's rejected by Princess Bubblegum. Flame Princess does not actually meet Finn in person until the very end of "Incendium". You can watch the episode somewhere. The episode continues with "Hot to the Touch".

After FP falls, she slap Finn and leave.
Finn: Who was that?
Jake: The princess of the fire kingdom?
Finn: Dude.. I think I have a crush!
Finn ask Jake to help him track FP down.
Jake: But she's evil, man!
Finn: You shut your dirty mouth!
Jake: Dirty? huh. No really man her dad said she's evil.
"No man. I peeped beyond her burning gaze and noshed hot lunch with her soul. She's ain't evil, she's passionate."

So that, Finn and Jake are going to track FP. They find her in the forest, when she's burn down bunch of flowers.
Jake: She's burning cute little flowers!
Finn: Yeah, she's like a cute little flower.
FP sees her own reflection in a pond, but then get hurt by its water. Finn comes out. He says he's worried about her, so he go after her.

"Look, I'm sorry about what I said before. I don't know what happened, but I just, I had to see you again. And, I don't know.. I don't know anything about you, but I just, I really like you. You know, you're so... beautiful." 

FP run with Finn chasing her (and Jake follows). FP strike them with fireballs.
Finn: Hey, I like your fireballs!
FP: Huh? Why do you torment me?
Finn: I'm not trying to! I just like you! I think I- like, like you.
"Listen, when I look at you, my brain goes all stupid, and I just wanna hug you and sit on the couch and, and play BMO with you." 

Flame Princess blushes and glows for some moments but then she end that moment.
FP: You told me you liked me, and you made my flame grow brighter, but then you put me out, which hurt!
Then FP throws a huge fireball to Finn and Jake, saying that she will turns the land into her fire kingdom. Then she headed to the goblin kingdom.
While FP is destroying and set goblin kingdom on fire, Finn and Jake make a anti-fire outfit with NEPTR.

Finn, Jake, and FP are in goblin kingdom. Finn's try to calm FP down but she still angry until she transforms to her giant form. FP turns and burns the whole city. Finn break his suit and screaming FP's name, but she didn't notice.

Finn's crying and a tear drops on FP's flame. FP gets hurt and turns, sees Finn crying. She shrink and touch Finn's tears.
FP: I understand now. You're a water elemental.
Finn: What?
FP: You're my opposite. You create water.
Finn: What? Cry? No, I just-
FP: Yeah, you cry and cry all the time.
Finn: N-no no, I don't usually do that!
FP: That's your power.
Finn: NO no no no no!
"Finn, even if we like each other, we're going to hurt each other."
Finn: No, we don't have to! I can take it. I- I mean- can't we try?
FP: You would defy nature for me?
Finn: Uh, yeah. Whatevs.
FP hug Finn but Finn get hurt. So FP leave.
FP: Bye, Finn.
NEPTR: Goodbye, lady.
Jake: FINN! Oh. my Glob, man. Everyone's dead, man! They're all burned. There's barbequed bodies EVERYWHERE!
Finn: WHAAAATT!!??
Jake: Hah. I'm just kidding. I saved 'em. Everyone's fine, see?
Jake: So. How'd everything go with Flame Princess?
Finn: She hugged me, then left.
Jake: Whoa! How did it feel?
Finn: It hurt.
So that's the end of the episode! The dialogues above is based on my listening skills, sorry if it has a mistakes. You can read the entire transcript here!

Next FP's episode is "Burning Low" and the first show is today! YEYEYEYEAH SO EXCITED!
I heard a rumors that Princess Bubblegum gets jealous that Finn and FP are hanging together. Let's pray that PB won't ruin anything between Finn and FP, because FP will burns the entire Land of Ooo if PB does!


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