Monday, 30 July 2012

Finn & Flame Princess 2

I'm gonna share some pic that FP-related and fill my page with this relationship thing because i'm CRAZY ADDICTED! Ohmyglob how I love them.<3

This is FP in her kingdom when Jake said that Finn wants her.
A scene in "Hot to the Touch"
I hate the water-elemental and fire-elemental thing. Why they can't be just together?
Adventure Time's photo on Facebook about "Burning Low".

Below are some FAN ART that I get from Tumblr. All copyright goes to anyone who draw these pictures, they're amazing. I don't own any of this.

See how Finn's trying to bear the pain? I hope that's a sign true love. <3

I like this one! <3

I love this one too<3
My favorite fan art that i found today. I don't know who made this, but really, it's flawless. I even set this pic as my Twitter's icon!


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