Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Random Q&A between Me & Myself!

Me: hi, Myself!
Myself: oh, hey Me.
Me: mind if I ask you some question?
Myself: no, go ahead
Me: okay. First question, what's the last movie you watched?
Myself: Ice Age 4 - Continental Drift
Me: who's your favorite character(s)?
Myself: Diego and Peaches.
Me: wow, same with me!
Myself: surely, we're a same person!
Me: oh sorry I often forgot. Alright, second question! What's your favorite TV show?
Myself: Adventure Time of course! And Teen Titans too.
Me: favorite characters?
Myself: Finn and Marceline for AT, BeastBoy and Raven for Teen Titans.
Me: great! Next question, what's your favorite stuffs in your room?
Myself: paper toy and drawings that Adventure Time-related.
Me: Now tell me, what's your most embarrassing memory?
Myself: I've already forgot it :p
Me: Dory-____- If you were a superhero, what would their super powers be?
Myself:  I would like to be like Raven in Teen Titans. I don't know what kind of super power it is, but it's really cool. Azarath metrion zinthos!
Me: what about magic ability?
Myself: I always related with magic, you know that.
Me: yeah and I know that's between lie and imagination.
Myself: exactly.
Me: I know it. What book you're currently reading now?
Myself: second book of Fablehaven, Rise of the Evening Star!
Me: wait--I wanna change my name's color.
Myself: nevermind, this will end soon.

Me changed her name color. 

Me: but I love blue! Back to the question, favorite characters?
Myself: what?
Me: umm, your favorite characters? Fablehaven?
Myself: oh sorryyy. Kendra of course!
Me: yeah. Any last words?
Myself: seems like you're going to kill me.
Me: okay then, thanks for the answers! Bye!


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