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Emily and 4 Strange Cats

Emily the Strange came to life in the early 1990's and quickly became a beloved counterculture icon all around the world. In her earliest years, she was a quiet but sharp-witted stranger, slinging philosophy and cultural observations in a series of hand-screened t-shirts and stickers. As her presence grew and became a standard in the cultural underground, Emily's own story began to emerge in a series of gift books, then comic-books and graphic novels, and now a novel series for young adults.

Today, Emily continues to be a voice for individualism and self-awareness, and her appeal is especially strong among alternative-minded young women and girls who identify with her signature singularity. Her presence in the worlds of art, pop culture, literature, and fashion celebrates non-conformist and reminds us all to cultivate that which makes us unique.

Emily is: An Artist, A Dreamer, An Inventor, A Scientist, A Skater, A Rocker and An Individual!

Emily's not your average thirteen year-old-girl. Pink is her worst nightmare...she wears the same black dress every day. She loves math and science. Her best friends are her four BLACK CATS! She's into old rock & punk, but also digs newer bands like My Chemical Romance (BTW, Gerard Way is featured in her Dark Horse comic book, "Revenge at Last!") Emily is so anticool she's cool... a subculture of one, and a follower of no one but herself.

Designers including Jean-Paul Gaultier, Valentino and Marc Jacobs have paid tribute to her, but she doesn't care! Emily wants you to be yourself, think for yourself, and DO IT YOURSELF!

Mystery is the Leader of the Pack and is the prettiest kitty in the Bad Kitten Club – but she's no softy! 
A classy kitty with old-school style, Mystery is a star! 
She has a star collar or sometimes a star in her left eye. Core character icons for Mystery include Stars and Question Marks. 

Traits: Slinky, Classy, Pretty, Likes Pink, Sexy Kitty

Looks: Star on her collar, sometimes star in left eye, sleek-smooth fur, and one curly whisker

Emily: Hey Mystery, what's the big mystery? 
Mystery: YOU should know. 
Emily: Good point...

Who is Mystery to you?

The resident Rebel, Sabbath is the rough and tough member of the Bad Kitten Club. 
A trouble-seeker with no boundaries, Sabbath has a battle scar on his ear and sometimes bandages, a notch in his right ear and a bent whisker that resembles a lightning bolt. Core character icons for Sabbath include: Lightning Bolts, Bandages and Fire. 

Traits: Touble-seeker, Says "Dude" a lot, Feisty

Looks: Sometimes has bandages, mean eyes, Notch in right ear, kinked tail and one bent whisker 

Emily: So that explains the battle scar on your ear? 
Sabbath: Dude. You shoulda seen the other cat.
Emily: Sabbath, why are you always off in the distance?
Sabbath: Sometimes you gotta roam to find adventure!

The creative genius, Miles is a cool cat with the heart of a true artist. While he is mellow and less vocal than the other kitties in the Bad Kitten Club, Miles has a fire in his soul for leaving his mark on the world.
Always alert and looking for ways to share his ideas in creative ways, Miles is the fastest cat in town, has extra pointy ears, two pointy whiskers and is most known for the "X" over his right eye.
Core character icons for Sabbath include Paint Splatters, Broken Heart and Graffiti.

Creative Genius, Fastest Cat in town 

Extra pointy ears, 'X' over right eye, Two pointy whiskers

Emily: Hey Miles. We need to sneak the transpositer into the flux capacitor tonight at midnight. But keep it on the down low or we're busted.
Miles: I think we understand each other. And (wink, wink) we never had this conversation.

The intellectual of the Bad Kitten Club, Neechee is the crafty, shifty, scientist type – but don't bother asking what he's thinking because it would boggle your mind.  Often deep into the cobwebs of his mind, Nee Chee is an old soul inspired by innovation, invention, and confusing people.

Neechee identifies with creepy creative creatures like Spiders and Bats.  He embraces the darkness and the quiet solitude of being alone with his thoughts. Core character icons forNeechee include Spirals, Spiders, Spider Webs and Bats.

Traits: Thinker, Nihilist, Recluse, Won't look you in the eyes

Looks: Striped tail, Shifty eyes, Three whiskers 

Emily: Neechee, what is the meaning of life? Who is my real father? Am I gonna get sick? What are my lucky numbers today?
NeeChee: What – is the Magic 8-Ball broken? Get lost, kid.

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