Saturday, 2 June 2012

Peace and love should be spread all over the world

This is my English task. My teacher ask me to make an exposition text with topic "peace and love should be spread all over the world". I made this on 21st of May 2012. She said I did nothing wrong so I'd like to post it in my blog! Hope you like it(:

War since years ago had disturbed peace that we all have in this world. Peace still lasts and happiness still exists, but there are so many people that suffer and have to live under colonial’s rule.  Many children die because of war, and some still fight with their fears. We can’t imagine how their feelings are, but all we know is they can’t live just like us, and we disagree about this. All people is the same, so they used to be feel like us too, go to school and laugh with friends, not afraid to military or bombs and guns that can kill them in milliseconds.

Like it mentioned above, children are dying in war, especially big war long time ago because nowadays wars aren’t as big like that.  We don’t know what war is this, but we found in internet a record that recorded child victims are 2 million killed; 4-5 million disabled; 12 million left homeless; more than 1 million orphaned or separated from their parents; and some 10 million psychologically traumatized. If we look at the number of victims, we know that it was a really big war. A website said that so many children died next to their parents because of bombs in Gaza and in Israel’s war with Lebanon.

First question; what’s their fault?

They didn’t do anything; they don’t even understand what happen! They were died because of the short-minded colonizer. If war doesn’t begin, they still have future, but colonizer ruined their smile. Isn’t it really sad that their dreams taken by ruthless people that the children don’t even did something to them? 

Second question is: what can we do?

Nothing, if we’re talking about died children. But of course we can do something to avoid disaster in the future:

Spread peace and love all over the world!

Start from something tiny like smile to peoples or greet neighbors. If this behavior becomes habit, peace will smells in the air. And something that doesn’t related with war but do affects is, stop bullying or being mean to each other. Remember? Peace and love is ours too!


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