Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My best friend

Her name is Sekar Ayu Melati. She is 13 years old. She lives at Jl.Siliwangi no. 29 Bandung. Sekar was born on 3rd October, 1998. She has a little brother named Aria.

Sekar has straight hair and she wears glasses. She is quite tall, maybe taller than me or same height as mine. She can’t shout very loud because her voice is like little child. She likes Hello Kitty. She is very girly but she also joins Tarung Derajat club at Pajajaran. And also, she likes to play PlayStation.

Sekar is quite religious or we usually say it “alim”. She is smart too, and diligent.

She is from Darul Hikam elementary school. She said that she was one of five girls on her elementary school’s vocal group. Sekar and I were on same class since 7th grade. I remember the first time we met and she asked me to sit with her, and then she asked my name and my phone number.

Sekar is accom player and security in Angklung extracurricular. Sekar often “galau” every time she hears Secondhand Serenade’s song titled Your Call because of some reasons. I think Your Call is mellow and it’s a great song.

Things I like about Sekar are, she is very kind, shy, funny, and she was never angry. She’s also very patient and polite. After all, she is the best friend I’ve ever had.


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