Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Problems in my teenage life

Problems aren’t exactly problems; it’s just our way to face anything happen in our life. It’s a part of being adult. Everyone have their own confusing problems. I think teenage life is full of responsibility and decisions, so it up to us about what is we going to choose. Many times we met something block our way to victory. Many times we hit by the raging storm when we’re trying to reach the top. That’s what we call problems.

Sometimes I feel that I’m not good enough. Sometimes I feel that no one can understand me. Sometimes I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I feel so bad and I can’t help myself to make things back to normal. And sometimes I get envy with my friend who’s more than me. When I’m like that, usually I get sensitive and bad mood.

I have some choices. I can talk with my friends to get an advice, maybe, or suggestions, or some words to cheer me up. Or I can forget my problems and cheer myself up. I like these two solutions, because I prefer talk with friends than parents about my problems. Besides, I can listen to music and just forget all of my problems. Or I can do both. Suddenly I will find a way to solve my problems. Or the problems will solve rapidly without too much thoughts I have to think.

Many songs can inspire and cheer me when I’m sad or frustrated. I don’t know why but when I’m sad it seems some song fit with my life. I started to sing that song and think about the lyrics all day. And then I realized that I’m not the one who feels like I felt. So I’m not sad anymore.

One of many songs that inspired me is Selena Gomez’s song titled Who Says. It’s about inner beauty that we all have. It’s like she tells us that we just don’t be afraid of being not enough, because every girl is perfect in their own way. I really like the music and the lyrics.

That’s all about my teenage life problem. I’m just not comfortable to talk about it. I’m happy with my life like this and I’m not worried to have many problems because I have solutions, friends, and music.


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