Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Will & Elliott update!

Hai! Ini cuma mau update aja, semacam ngelanjutin lagi post yang kemaren.
Barusan aku iseng ngesearch "Will & Elliott tunnels" di Google siapa tau ada post aku hehe, tapi ternyata gaada jadi aku buka link lain, yaitu link Wikia, Tunnels Wiki di artikel tentang Elliott. Aku jadi inget kalo kemaren aku bilang semoga di buku 5 ada adegan Will sama Elliott. Dan ini ada sedikit yang kemaren belom aku ceritain:) aku copy aja ya bagian artikelnya, ini dari :)

In the beginning of Closer, Elliott and Will is still in the Garden Of The Second Sun. She and Will has come each other much closer now, and they are very good friends. Will is in love with her, but when he tries to tell her he fails. Later, the Rebeccas finds dr. Burrows and Will, and keep them as a hostage to get their virus, that Will and Elliott stole. Elliott tries to save them; She gives the bottle with the virus to the Styx, but swallows the vaccine. But she comes to late, the Rebeccas has already killed dr. Burrows and Will is terrified. Anyway, Elliott saves Will. When they're finally safe again, Elliott and Will has a horrible fight. Will thinks she didn't have any plan at all, when she gave the virus to the Styx, and tells her Drake would be ashamed of her, and that it was her fault that the Rebeccas killed his dad. Elliott tells him he is wrong, and that she swallowed the vaccine, and the Styx hasn't won the fight yet. Then they climb up to the topsoil. When they're almost there Will starts to cry about his dad. Elliott hugs him, and she is just about to kiss him when he walks away again. They gets up to the topsoil, and lives in a big house. Elliott changes alot, from being a renegade to a pretty little girl. And then the book ends.
Nahh itu dia. KENAPA MEREKA MARAHAN TERUS? Pas Elliott ngedeket malah Will nya yang ngejauh. Biar rame sih iya tapi bikin gereget bangeeet.__.
Mmm gini ya aku udah rada lama baca closer pas liburan mau ke semester 2, jadi udah lupa ceritanya._.v peace. Makanya pas baca Spiral juga bingung.Tapi emang bener sih pas mereka ke topsoil, Elliott rambutnya jadi panjang kan pas di Taman matahari kedua juga katanya rambut Elliott tumbuh 1cm sehari gila aja=))) terus dia jadi rajin banget ngerawat diri. Semacam itu lah. Aku seneng kalo Elliott jadi bener bener "cewek", tapi gatau kenapa mengagumi sosok Elliott sebagai bagian dari pemberontak.

In the beginning of Spiral, Elliott is still being girly. She is wearing dresses and make up, and everyday she takes long baths, and fixes her hair. Will and Drake meets her dad, Eddie. He tells them a big secret about the Styx female: The phase! Eddie is afraid that it's soon time for Elliott to come into the phase. Then she'd be really dangerous so they have to put her in a hospital. They then confirms she is a bit to young for the phase, but they have to keep an eye on her growth. When she comes out of the prenatal examination, she meets Will who has been waiting for her. She runs into his arms and hugges him tight. She then gives him a kiss on the cheek and smiles. ... to be continued...
Tidaaaaaaaak pengen banget baca tapi asa tanggung mau baca closer dulu. Udah lah ya Will sama Elliott jadian ajaaa:))) prediksi nih, di ending buku terakhir pasti bahagia pasti Will, Elliott, Drake, sama Chester mereka masih barengan. Terus hubungan (alah) Will sama Elliott pasti lebih dari sebelumnya. Aamiin aja deh:))


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